Hog's & Heifers 1 st Avenue between 95 th & 96 th Streets NYC :: Saturday May 12th

A great time was had by all who attended as Hindenberg, “The Definitive Led Zeppelin Show”, landed at NYC's famed Hog's & Heifer's Uptown located on 1 st Avenue between 95 th & 96 th Streets. Hog's, known for its wild party atmosphere and all around “cool vibe”(as well as several hundred bra's donated to the club from its many female customers), was filled to capacity when the band took the stage around midnight. Mingling amongst the crowd were several VIP's including Jumbo Elliot & Jason Fabini of The New York Jets & Stuttering John of “The Howard Stern Show” who showed up to hang out with the band. Stuttering John joined the band playing guitar on a smoking rendition of “Rock & Roll” as well as challenging everyone to a beer guzzling contest and well…….. showing off some of his “Private Parts” to the crowd (you just had to be there!).

The band ripped through most of the Zeppelin classics from “Heartbreaker” to “Houses Of The Holy” including obscure songs such as “Hot Dog” and a four song unplugged set as well in their two & a half hour show. Featuring members Steve “Budgie” Werner of The Ace Frehley Band on drums, Felix Heneman of Zebra on bass & keyboards, Mark Hitt of Rat Race Choir on guitar, & Charlie Sabin of Toxik/ Physical Graffiti on vocals & acoustic guitar, these guys deliver the goods. The group has been playing the northeast region for the last year and a half gathering more & more fans with every show. “This is not your typical Tribute Band” quipped Sabin “Its basically four guys who've recorded and toured internationally having a great time paying homage to one of the greatest rock bands of all time”……… “With no pretence!”.

Weather you are a die hard Zeppelin fan or just love classic rock, this band is a must see. Catch Hindenberg at their next local appearance when they roll into Poughkeepsie to play The Chance on Friday June 29th . Also be sure to catch Mark & Charlie doing an unplugged set at 8:00AM the morning of the show on WPDH 101.5 as guests of “The Cooper & Tobin Show”.






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